The Search for a Perfect Fit

In 1873, Levi Strauss invented blue jeans because hard-working cowboys demanded tougher, more comfortable pants. It was a perfect fit.
The Wilson Group works hard to find the perfect fit for attorneys seeking to merge their practices with like-minded firms or corporations. We use our broad knowledge of the legal market to match the experience, skills and professional goals of the attorney with the culture, strategic vision and corporate assets of the firm.

A partnership of purpose.

When an experienced attorney decides to move to another firm, he or she isn’t just searching for a better job or a nicer office. Partner-level attorneys are looking to merge their established business interests with those of a firm that will value their contribution and support their continued professional growth. They are also very busy people who don’t have time to waste chasing inappropriate opportunities.

The Wilson Group works hard to match attorneys with firms and organizations that have the right corporate culture, business structures, and client base to ensure a smooth transition and lasting results. Through hard work, we create a new whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

An asset for associates.

Finding the right fit is just as important for attorneys in the earlier stages of their careers. In the right firm, an associate can quickly find opportunities to build experience, make important connections, and hone his or her professional skills.

The Wilson Group starts by considering an attorney’s individual qualifications and professional goals. We know that no two candidates are the same, even when they share a similar educational background and level of experience. With extensive connections throughout the legal community, the Wilson Group is well positioned to help associate level attorneys assess opportunities in light of their long term goals.